Aesthetic by Alicia Afteni


by Alicia Afteni

Passionate about helping you feel good.

For us, that starts with your skin.

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A moment for You

We are delighted to be able to provide this space within GUIDO AUDISIO.
My years of experience established in the field of facial aesthetics together with our philosophy where the importance of dental health, facial aesthetics and aesthetic medicine come together to offer you a comprehensive service that guides and seeks to maintain perfect HARMONY in the face that It goes beyond an aesthetic issue.

We want them to feel cared for with great care and for this we have created a very special WELL-BEING space.

Together with the best professionals, we offer you an accurate diagnosis with maximum confidence, dealing with the pre- and post-surgical aspects of in-clinic treatments.

We also offer you how to prevent and improve the aging process of our skin and the vital aspect of balance and well-being for each one.

We know that our mind and who we are powerfully affects our health and produces a feedback effect. Feeling good, confident and happy is our goal. With naturalness and awareness we will respect and value YOUR ESSENCE, what you want and what you are. In our profession I consider this VITAL to be able to accompany you in a naturally beautiful process that brings out your best version.

We are happy to share with you our joy and excitement.Alicia

START BEAUTY FACE75min / 75€Conditioning and rebalancing of the skin. Preparation prior to any treatment.
BIOPEELING60min / 85€Skin regeneration. Stimulates cell renewal and the production of collagen and elastin fibers.
RX-5075min / 120€-190€ *Dermal regenerating peeling with firming and tightening effect. It reactivates circulation, reduces spots and imperfections and provides greater luminosity.
* According to added treatment
DETOX ENERGIE / From 140€Stops premature skin aging caused by external factors. Purifies and eliminates toxins and free radicals, leaving skin reoxygenated and more resistant.
HYDRA HYALURONIC ACID90min / 120€Moisturizing treatment with hyaluronic acid for visibly younger skin. Immediate and long-lasting hydration.
RITUAL FACE SECRETS90min / 120€Lifting treatment par excellence. Fights sagging, reduces wrinkles and expression lines, provides volume and luminosity.
ANTI-AGE CURE75min / 190€-210€ **Comprehensive rejuvenation. Ideal if we are looking for a quick and visible improvement in the appearance of the skin.
** According to skin needs
CRYO EYES40min / 75€Reduces signs of fatigue and aging in the eye area. Reduces inflammation and provides luminosity and elasticity.
GLOW SKIN 75min / 95€Ideal for giving light and juiciness to the face. Stimulates tissues, unifies tone, hydrates and calms.
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