The amalgam filling in 2019: are they the best choice?

What is an amalgam filling?

Metal fillings are those made of amalgam as a result of a mercury alloy with metals
such as silver, copper or tin. This material has been used for over a century and meant
a significant revolution in Dentistry.

However, they are hardly used nowadays. They are dark and therefore, not the best
aesthetic option. Your teeth are also likely to be darkened and stained by the filling.
Their main advantage is their long life which can be up to 30 years in comparison to
composite fillings which can last around 10 years.

Are amalgam fillings harmful for our health?

The fact that the alloy of amalgam fillings has mercury among its components has been
a quite polemic issue for some time. However, no illness related to them has ever
been proved in spite of the ongoing scientific research about that matter.

Mercury is toxic only in big quantities but not in those used for a dental filling and also it
is not harmful for our health under the conditions in which it is used in dentistry.

The WHO ensures the safety and efficiency of amalgam. You can read more
information about here.

Even though they are not harmful for our health, amalgam fillings have been replaced
by composite fillings for years.

Let’s find out some information about them.

Composite fillings: the current alternative to amalgam

Composite fillings are made of a mixture of glass or quartz and have a long lifespan
and are crack-resistant by small and medium repairs.

Composite has a similar colour to the teeth and offers the advantage of adhering itself
to the decay. This allows a more conservative repair of the affected tooth since
less dental structure has to be removed when the tooth is prepared.

Moreover, composite fillings are smaller than amalgam fillings and generally, they
are applied slower than amalgam fillings since the tooth has to be clean and dry while
the decay is being filled up.

Prevention is the key.

Even those who are very concerned with their dental hygiene can end up having
decays. A decay is detected soon enough to be solved with a small filling but the longer
it is left undetected, the bigger the filling will be.
Start your decay prevention by enjoying a free check-up in our clinic at Guido
Audisio Dental Clinic.

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