How can I choose the best orthodontic treatment for me?


Are you going to start an orthodontic treatment? Over the time it has become easier and more affordable to enjoy a healthy and beautiful smile.

The key is to know what it is more important for you: the treatment period, the price, a discreet treatment…

What is the best orthodontic treatment?

There are several types of orthodontic treatment and each of them has advantages and disadvantages. The most frequently used are the following: invisible orthodontics, sapphire braces, ceramic braces and metallic braces.

There isn’t one perfect type for everybody. It depends on how long do you have to wear it, its price, if it feels more or less comfortable, the shape of your mouth.

So, how do I know which type of treatment suits me best?

A previous study and a proper diagnosis has to be carried out.


The goal of this diagnosis is to define which problems you may have and determine the best solution for them. You may need your teeth to be aligned, to widen or narrow space between your teeth, to correct your bite or even some teeth should be removed if it is necessary.

How many steps does it take to perform an orthodontic study?


  1. Frontal X-Ray. It is used to check your mouth general condition because some details cannot be seen with the naked eye.
  2. Side X-Ray. Its goal is to study angles, proportions, and distance mouth to jaw. With this type of X-Rays some issues could be detected which may need more specific tests.
  3. DENTAL CT. It is not usually a necessary test but if some unusual issues are detected, it is used to obtain 3D images of the jaw bones or mouth’s soft tissues.
  4. Photo report. It is performed several times during the treatment. Shots are taken from different angles of the patient’s mouth, face and other relevant details. These images are a complement to the rest of tests performed and enable a follow-up of the wished treatment development.
  5. Creation of the model: thanks to 3D scanning and printing, an exact copy of your mouth can be achieved. It is a real-scale copy of your mouth to know every millimetre of the treatment.

Once the result of every test has been obtained and studied, we help you to choose the best orthodontic treatment for you according to your possibilities and preferences.

Find out which type of orthodontics suits you best!

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