Did you know that having unhealthy gums increases the risk of suffering a cardiovascular disease?

Several studies have shown that the risk of suffering a stroke increases for those people with unhealthy gums.

If by definition a heart disease occurs when heart blood vessels narrow or block, you are probably thinking: and what does it have to do with me taking care of my dental hygiene or not?

There are many bacteria and germs in our mouth that can travel into our bloodstream. When these bacteria reach our heart, they attach to the walls causing swelling. This swelling may cause diseases such as endocarditis. Moreover, unhealthy gums have been related to conditions such as arterial obstruction or strokes.

Who are most at risk?

If you have periodontitis or any other severe gum disease, you are at a much higher risk of having a heart disease. If you don´t care about your dental health, you should be aware that plaque build-up in your teeth also increases the risk of bacteria  travelling to  your heart via  your bloodstream.

How can I detect problems in my gums?

According to our doctor at Guido Audisio Dental Clinic, there are several signs for us to detect gums problems:

  • Red, swollen, painful gums.
  • Bleeding gums by eating, brushing or using dental floss.
  • You see pus or other infection signs.
  •  Receding gums
  • You have bad taste or bad breath frequently.
  • You feel a loose tooth or one that separates from the rest.

Better prevent than cure

It is always better to avoid a problem than trying to solve it when there is no other option. What we have to do to keep our gums healthy and strong is to take care of our mouth correctly (discover here [Link] our basic guidelines for a correct tooth brushing).

Therefore, it is very important to brush your teeth twice or three times a day and come to our regular check-ups.

There aren´t any reasons to be afraid of a dental check-up since their goal is to detect possible problems in time to be able to solve them easier than if we let them grow bigger over the time.

We make it very easy for you at Guido Audisio Dental Clinic with our Club Card which includes annual check-ups for you and your family.

Take care of your heart by starting with your mouth.

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