Dentists in the 21st century: Current digital dentistry

What do you look for in a dentist?

You are probably looking for a solution or preventive measures to a possible problem. A dentist should be a person who listens to you carefully, makes you feel safe and above all, solves your problem in the best possible way.

Obtaining the best results depends on the technical equipment that your dentist possesses at your disposal. Outdated dentists will also find a solution to your problem but it will be more painful and uncomfortable for you and the results won´t be as accurate.

Find out the latest progression and choose your dentist wisely. It is the best way to care for your’ and your family’s smile.

Which is key in the latest progression made in dentistry?

Digital workflow.

It is a digitalization system for each step of the task: diagnose, planning and treatment.

What are its advantages?

Less invasive techniques, better aesthetic and functional results by reducing tolerances, less recovery time and reduced waiting list.  Furthermore, prices are more affordable since timing and workload are reduced.

Latest progresses in digital dentistry:

Although there have been made several meaningful technological breakthroughs, we are going to focus on progresses made in digital workflow in this post:

Intraoral scanner and digital printing

  • Real-time visualization through which an exact mouth copy in HD-3D-images. A diagnosis is achieved faster.
  • Radiation amount is reduced.
  • More accurate information than obtained by silicone molds and without causing nausea.
  • It is faster and cheaper since a physical mold is not necessary.

Modeling with 3D printers:

  • Shorter delivery times but maintaining high quality levels.
  • A digital copy of each dental piece can be saved for a later reproduction.
  • Mistakes and imperfections are dramatically reduced.
  • A wide variety of materials: dental applications made by a wide range of materials.
  • More economic prices due to workforce reduction.

Dental CT

  • Painless and faster.
  • Less waiting time.
  • Jaw 3D images which enable bone analysis for implant placing, bone injury or tumor diagnosis and dental injury or fracture visualization, etc.

Just the best for your mouth. Would you like to find out more information?

At Guido Audisio Dental Clinic we are aware of the importance of having the best technical and human resources to obtain the best results and provide a great experience to our clients. Contact us. We are looking forward to it. 


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