Dental Spa: can I relax at the dentist?


Feeling relaxed is the last thing that comes to your mind when you think of going to the dentist. A Dental Spa is a place supported by emotional odontology which is increasingly becoming part of modern clinics. To this approach is focused on the patient’s feelings to turn any treatment is a more pleasant and less stressful experience.

A Dental Spa can make each visit to the dentist a comfortable and pleasant experience by offering wellness treatments to help you relax before and after your dental treatment.

Why a Dental Spa?

Pediatric dentists decorate their surgery to make children feel happier and more relaxed by enjoying a playful environment with colorful walls, toys and full of child-friendly furniture.

Over 25% grown-ups do not usually visit the dentist due to fear to the health professional.

After much research clinics have started to introduce new ways of achieving a relaxing environment for their patients due to their positive effect on the treatment. The goal is that the patients feels spoiled.

What is exactly a Dental Spa?

There are many options among the dental clinics which support the philosophy of the Dental Spa. It can be used before starting the treatment so you feel relaxed. It can be used during the treatment so the smell, sounds or feelings are much more pleasant. And it can be used after the treatment to reduce stress and favour healing. Let’s see some of the most common uses of the Dental Spa:

Before starting:

Picture this. You arrive to your dental clinic and instead of a waiting room, a soft lighting, relaxing music awaits you. After a while on a heat lounge chair and surrounded of a beautiful smell, there is a facial massage for you. Wouldn’t that make a difference in your state of mind? 

During the treatment:

  • You receive a set of headphones with relaxing music.
  • Your favourite videos or relaxing images are displayed on a screen.
  • Aromatherapy system to eliminate the typical smell of a dental surgery which may cause stress and tension even unconsciously.
  • Virtual environment for the most technology prone patients: a set of virtual reality glasses.

After the treatment:

  • Aromatherapy.
  • Cryotherapy with a gel mask.
  • Lymphatic drainage on the operated area to speed recovery.

And there is much more. Haven’t you felt the experience yet?  Visit our clinic or our website to find out more and start enjoying your visit to the dentist.

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