6 advantages of immediate implants vs. standard implants

Do you need a tooth implant?

Removing a tooth to insert an implant is always the last option used by dental professionals since it is always better to repair the damaged tooth.

But when the only solution is an implant, there are several options to choose from.

Thanks to the latest improvements such as 3D printing, state-of-the-art techniques and materials used for our dental health, implants can be placed in 24 hours with optimal results.

These implants are called immediate implants or immediate loading implants. Let’s find out the difference between them and traditional implants.

6 advantages of immediate implants vs. standard implants.

  1. Only 24/48 hours instead of 3-6 months for standard implants. Thanks to the latest computer-guided technology, an implant and the provisional crown can be placed in the same day.
  2. The function of the replaced tooth can be returned in just one day like chewing and talking (if it was affected by the lack of teeth).
  3. Without stitches vs. those required by traditional implants which should be removed later.
  4. Highly reduced pain and discomfort. Since the same space of the original tooth is used to place the implant, neither cuts nor bone carving or gums displacement are necessary whereas they usually are necessary for standard implants.
  5. Natural look for your teeth and gums from the first day. After the first session of implant placement, your mouth will look completely as usual. By standard implants, there is a hole in which the screw shall be placed until the crown is inserted six months later.

Can an immediate implant always be placed?

There is no patient who prefers standard implants to immediate implants. Unfortunately there are some cases in which the placement of immediate implants is not possible. Some of these cases are the following:

  • There is an infection in the area of the implant.
  • There is not enough bone where the implant should be placed.
  • There are severe gums issues.
  • There are bad habits such as bruxism.

Don’t know where to start? Visit our clinic and we will help you to find what you need.

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